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    Unit 30, Lansdown Industrial Estate
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  • Phone:0330-202-1010
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VoIP Call Rates

This page lists the current VoIP call rates based for our no commitment package ( aka Pay As You Go ). If you have a minimum inclusive commitment package these rates are the applied after your inclusive minutes are used for each category of call type. The rates noted are on a per minute basis with a £0.015 minimum call charge per connection.

Your call rates are based on routes so if your services are in the United Kingdom then that is your "Calling from" location, unless you have added an additional outbound gateway which would mean the call exits to the PSTN network via another location based on your specific routing rules. If you need assistance with this please contact our support team.

All rates on this website are listed excluding UK VAT, which will be applied at time of billing.

Calling from:
Calling to:
Description Rate
Per minute excluding VAT
Operator 087 Calls £ 0.0000
Operator 084 Calls£ 0.0000
National Number ( 01 & 02 )£ 0.0000
Operator Free Phone 0500 £ 0.0000
Operator 118 Calls£ 0.0000
Operator 09 Calls£ 0.0000
Operator Free Phone 0800 / 0808 / 00800£ 0.0000
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